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Wellness Challenge: Updates! Good Vibes from the Inside Out

Hey Guys!

Today I’m giving you some updates between the Wellness Challenge days 10-13, as some aspects are more documented on my social media than on here!

Let’s chat: Have you been keeping up with the wellness challenge? If not, that’s totally okay! And here’s why – this challenge is meant to help you reinforce some good habits for yourself to boost happiness, health, and wellbeing.  Maybe you like certain aspects of this challenge more than others. Pick it apart and do what you like!  Personally, I loved making a playlist for Wellness Challenge day 10.  But, it took me some time to gather really good tunes that I was happy with.  I’ve finished up some quality playlists as of now that you should check out on my Spotify, Bee Well!

Day 11 was all about trying to eat as little non-processed food as possible.  Incorporating more fruits, veggies, and whole grains into your diet make you feel good from the inside out.  Processed foods can be sketchy in terms of chemicals and ingredients that aren’t natural.  Not knowing what’s going into your body can be off putting! However, eating plant-based and healthy meals, or even more home cooked meals is a step in the right direction.  For example, I love making smoothies in the morning to incorporate fruit and veggies as soon as I wake up.  The one in this thumbnail has blueberries, bananas, and spinach – super simple and good for you!

Today is day 13, which calls for showing the people you love some extra appreciation today.  If there’s one thing I’d love for myself and others to take away from this challenge it’s to spread love every day .  This can mean many things, from helping with household chores to leaving someone a heartfelt message.  It’s so important to remind people you love them whenever you can because daily life can be really hectic and stressful at times.  Break your daily routine and incorporate some practices to show others and yourself some love every day!

Stay tuned for more updates later in this challenge and spread some love today!





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