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Essential Oil Experience

Today I’m gonna give you guys a taste of my experience with essential oils! One of my favorite aspects of self care & wellness.

This topic can be a bit overwhelming because there are so many different oils that treat various things out there.  Personally, I have probably only tried a miniscule portion of what’s out there because I’ve found for what works for my ailments.

My family knows that I have struggles with severe chronic migraines since I was four years old – an extremely long time! I have tried so many different methods to eliminate them, but they never really stop.  This leads me to try out different methods to alleviate them when they do happen – that doesn’t involve Advil or Tylenol. Along with migraines, I have used essential oils to alleviate fatigue and occasional trouble sleeping – as probably many of you may suffer from as well. Essential oil diffusers are amazing for the home, as they can push a concentrated scent into the air over time.  This is great for those days you’re doing stuff around the house or for when you’re sleeping, but may not work if youre someone that’s constantly on the go. That’s where Vitality Extracts bracelets and oils come into play.

I was gifted a Vitality Extracts bracelet from my aunt, along with their migraine care oil.  Let me tell you, this is a life saver.  The bracelets contain lava rocks, which you sprinkle essential oils on and weaar throughout the day.  I am able to smell to oil all day, which is a good thing in this case because the migraine care oil is very minty and fresh.  This combo has alleviated my migraines tremendously.  Sometimes I even wear the bracelets and oil on a day that I don’t have a migraine for prevention’s sake – and it works!  For fatigue, I like to use lemon oil on the bracelet because this oil is very energizing.  And for sleep problems, I use a specific sleep oil and sleep with just one bracelet on so that the smell doesn’t bother me in my sleep.  Lavender is also an amazing essential oil to apply and smell all day long for relaxation. I love wearing these bracelets on a daily basis with different oils because you can smell them all day long, no matter what oil you use.

Another great way to get essential oils working is to directly apply them to your wrists, back of the ears, and feet.  You’ll want to dilute them with a fattier oil, so you don’t experience skin irritation.  I have tried fattier oils like coconut oil or macadamia oil and they work great for me. Taking baths with essential oils work great as well.

I know I have only tried a few of the essential oils out there, but I can’t wait to try more!





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