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Wellness Challenge: About Days 7&8, and Meditation for Day 9

Hi everyone!

If you don’t follow me on my Instagram @beewellbycasey or my other social media, you may be awaiting some Wellness Challenge updates! I am loving the self care and personal growth coming from this challenge so far.

Here’s a little refresher of what days 7 & 8 were all about:

Day 7: Write down five things that make you happy when you wake up

Day 8: Learn something new today, school doesn’t count!

So, day 7 was by far my favorite because it set the tone for my entire day.  I was in an upbeat and positive mood early in the morning, felt productive, and really appreciated everything around me. I was very excited for day 8 because I truly believe we should never stop learning new things! I posted on my Instagram story about what I learned from Low and High foodmap foods, as I had only heard a little bit about them on the Internet before.  As someone with a sensitive digestive system and moody skin, I loved learning about a new way to manage these symptoms. I have been applying what I’ve learned to what I’m eating every day as well! I hope to learn more about them and share my experiences soon – I’ve already noticed an improvement in my skin!

That brings us to day 9 – which was to dedicate time for meditation.  I have posted some of my favorite meditation themes on my blog before because I like the idea of having a plan and being a little more guided in the way of mindfulness.  This means that you can have a theme in mind to think about while you’re doing breathing exercises, so your thoughts don’t wander too much.  To me, meditation can also mean putting yourself into a calm state before bed or writing in a journal! Meditation a deliberate written, spoken, or physical act of of concentration, thought, mindfulness, and peace.  There are no wrong ways to practice.

A new meditation theme I’ve discovered is the 5 senses meditation, which I have been loving.  Through smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight (in no particular order) you become more self aware and are able to calm your senses.  This is especially useful with anxiety or feelings of being overwhelmed. Most of these include having your eyes closed, so you can fully immerse yourself one sense at a time.  Depending on whether you are doing all 5 or focusing on one, here are some tips when you go into it!

With your sense of smell, it is helpful to burn a candle or incense to have something to focus on, otherwise you’ll have to pick up on what is already around you.

Taste can be physical, when you’re actually eating something – or thinking about your favorite tastes and textures.

Touch can be about the movement of your body, or holding something like a penny or rock in your hand with your eyes closed.

Sight can begin with your eyes open, where you pick something to observe, then try to recreate it in your mind with your eyes closed.

Sound is about concentrating on the natural sounds around you, music, the ticking of a clock, or chanting.

I hope you’re enjoying my updates on the wellness challenge. Check out my social media for more details and posts!








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