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Wellness Challenge: Days 3&4

Hi guys!

With the end of the semester slowly approaching my schedule has been absolutely crazy! Which is why I am combining the aspects of data 3 & 4 of the wellness challenge into one post. Day 3 requires taking extra time to do something you enjoy, and day 4 was all about getting moving with yoga or other exercise. I have found that reading and exercising are two things that truly clear my mind. Whether it’s before bed or during the day, dedicating a portion of time to doing something for you can help get the rest of your day rolling. For example, reading gets your mind off stresses of the day and can help you relax midday or make your eyes sleepy before bed. The same goes for exercise, yoga can energize you or relax you at any point of the day.

After completing days 3 and 4, I learned how crucial it is to implement these practices into my every day life. I’ve felt so much more positive and productive so far during this challenge! Once the challenge is over, these two habits in the past two days are ones I hope to continue every day.

Stay tuned for the rest of the challenge!



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