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Wellness Challenge: Day 2

Hey guys!

Today’s challenge was to keep a gratitude journal!

I personally love doing this before I sleep at night, to get all worries out of my head and put myself in a positive mindset.  Keeping a gratitude journal is something so simple and easy that I believe everyone should do it- you could keep a formal journal dedicated to these entries, or type it out in the notes on your phone.  No matter the time or place, focusing on this practice for even a few minutes can change your entire day.

The basic process of writing one sentence of something like “I am grateful for my supportive family” changes your entire mindset.  I have found that this writing motivates me to be in a better mood, calms my anxiety, and diminishes any doubts or worries.  Writing and journaling in general help me accept daily experiences, put them into context, and look at them from a new lens – which is why I made sure to include journaling in this 20-day challenge!

Some ideas on what to write about may be:

  • Basic needs – like shelter, food, water
  • Your friends & family
  • Your most recent success – a good grade or a new job
  • The best part of your day or week
  • What you love about yourself or someone else
  • Your most recent act of kindness
  • Your most recent trip somewhere

Good luck! And tune in tomorrow for day 3!




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