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New Beginning: Starting a Wellness Challenge

Hey Guys!

This week, I decided to commit to a 20-day wellness challenge that I’ve created.  I have seen so many different kinds of these challenges through social media, and have combined the most do-able elements into this challenge.  My blog includes different aspects of overall wellbeing and positivity and I would hope to inspire others to create positive habits out of this challenge! Taking care of yourself includes many different elements: physical, intellectual, social, spiritual, and emotional.  Physical self-care entails your fitness and sleep habits, how you manage stress, and overall health.  Intellectual self-care has to do with your personal growth, whether its education, mindset, or engaging in new things. Social self-care involves your interactions with people and the network you belong to, or go to for support and guidance.  Spiritual self-care involves nourishing your soul and the values that guide you through your life.  Finally, emotional self-care is how you deal with your stress and emotions as well as your awareness of your feelings and empathy.  I think that a lot of these aspects of self-care are present in this challenge! Here’s the plan for a 20 day wellness challenge, let’s see how well I can keep up! I already have day 1 down 🙂

Day 1: Drink More Water

Day  2: Keep a gratitude journal

Day 3: Take extra time to do something you enjoy

Day 4: Stretch, do yoga, or any other exercise you enjoy

Day 5: Get outside

Day 6: De-clutter a part of your home, car, or purse/backpack

Day 7: Write down 5 things that make you happy when you wake up

Day 8: Learn something new today – from someone or online (School doesn’t count!)

Day 9: Take time to meditate today

Day 10: Make a playlist –  for happiness, meditation, or working out

Day 11: Commit to a full day of non-processed food

Day 12: Watch your favorite movie/show

Day 13: Give the people you love some extra appreciation

Day 14: Create a positive affirmation list

Day 15: Volunteer (or plan to)

Day 16: Go to bed earlier

Day 17: Create a to-do list for the upcoming week

Day 18: Unplug from social media for the day

Day 19: Choose a positive mantra for the day

Day 20: Set new goals and write them down!


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