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A Meditation Theme: Acceptance & Appreciation

This week I’ve been compiling some meditation themes to change up some things up and help create more prompts for a gratitude journal. Two that have caught my attention the most are: acceptance and appreciation.

With acceptance, it is important to remind yourself that you must accept the things you can’t control. You will never know the cause leading up to this moment, or the next. Acceptance is freeing your thoughts and loosening your grip on things that we cannot realistically control. This doesn’t mean losing motivation, but acting and speaking out with compassion and empathy. Accepting situations and feelings outside of your influence, whether they are negative or positive is the most responsible thing we can do for ourselves.

Appreciation is something you may feel after accepting what life hands you. When you appreciate your health, relationships, and experiences you’re automatically allowing yourself to be happy.

I hope you’re able to use either of these themes this week to boost some mindfulness and happiness!




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