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5 Things to Quit This Week

When people bring up the topic of spring cleaning, they are often talking about letting go of materialistic objects and compartmentalizing things in their life. Yet, the topic of a mental spring cleaning is quite taboo. In order to feel better about our mental and physical space every day, we have to consciously eliminate negativity, just like getting rid of old shoes.

Letting go of the comfort of things that aren’t truly benefiting you in the long run is easier than you think. People face negativity every day, and I think mindfulness can help clear the air of things that weigh us down. Hopefully you can take away some of these ideas below and adapt them to your own life as we head into a season of spring cleaning. Here are some ideas of 5 things to quit this spring:

1) Comparison/Constantly attacking yourself and putting yourself down

2) Being afraid of change

3) Expecting things to not turn out well

4) Living in the past because you fear the future// distraction from living in the present moment

5) Over analyzing things




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