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Not so average: Purple Lemonade

YUM! This juice is a pretty cool concoction and I feel like an alchemist. Sort of…

Ever since I worked at smoothie/juice bar over the summer, I’ve been into making my own healthy recipes at home.  This idea came to me when I decided to play around with my usual healthy lemonade recipe, and finally I found one I love!

I know, I know, not everyone has a juicer.  Being a college student and having one at home is actually a privilege in my book.  However, I would encourage anyone to try out their own version of this recipe! I’ve left two recipes below, the one I made myself and one that anyone in college/without a juice could use.

The college student/no juicer version:

This is the simplest form of the recipe, but doesn’t skimp on the whole color effect of this recipe:

  1. Buy store-bought juices to mix – Lemonade + Beet Juice

One of the best, least sugary lemonades I have found is Honest Tea Original Lemonade, which comes in a 32 oz bottle for less than $3.00!

Then comes the beet juice, which I have found at many stores, from Trader Joe’s to Walmart.  This particular one is a 20 oz bottle going for around $4.00.

Image result for Trader joe's just beet beet juice

I’d like to add that my juice contains apples, but any or no apple juice would work in this recipe as well!

2.  Mix to get the desired taste and color, almost exactly like the one I’ve made, much more easily!

My juicer recipe:

Serves: 2

3 apples

3 lemons

1 beet

Hunk of ginger (optional)

Disclaimer:  DO NOT add all pieces to your juicer at once, it will jam.

  1.  Rinse and cut all of your fruit into smaller pieces.  To make it easier on your juicer, nix any stems or large seeds where you can.
  2. Have your juicer ready, as well as a large sized pitcher.
  3. If you are using ginger, be sure to add this earlier on in the process. It doesn’t contain a lot of juice, so the rest of the recipe helps push the particles through.
  4. Generally, alternating between adding the wet and dry fruit to your juicer gets the best results.  For example, apple slices should be juiced first, then a beet slice, then another apple.  Juicier fruits help to push dry particles through the juicer without jamming it.
  5. Finish off by stirring the final mixture together.  Serve in a glass over ice.

This juice provides awesome health benefits, may help you fight off the end of cold and flu season, or simply get more fruit into your diet.  The cool color doesn’t hurt either!





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