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Where the Heart is

How connected do you feel to where you are and who you’re with?

Some people feel connected towards things they have never once experienced before.  Maybe it’s a sense of longing to be anywhere than where you are, or having a sense of constant adventure and excitement for the future.

I love to travel, but often long to be with people more than specific places.  I value the chance I have to be with people I love or miss much more than the place that I am.  For instance, if I am vacationing with family or visiting friends, I enjoy making memories together.  Once it’s all over, I am happy in having immersed myself into the unique experiences that I can only have in a certain place.  The feeling that lingers after the experience is over is the happiness in having enjoyed every moment.  Being present enables even stronger connections with people I am with.  When you aren’t present and allow yourself to be too guided by your mind, wondering whether or not you’re making the most of an experience, the moment gets lost.  Worrying about something before it is even over diminishes the value of a moment.

What brought this to my attention was a reflection upon my travels over the past year. I was writing a gratitude journal entry about moments, people, and feelings I was grateful for when I noticed that my ties with people are bound in experience.  I have experienced places like Scranton, Pennsylvania and Nova Scotia, Canada – leaving all with a sense of sadness of missing the people I saw, rather than the actual place.  I was present in these experiences and established closer bonds with people.  As quickly as time moves, I can almost replay and feel every waking second of this recent memory.  I didn’t want that time to end. But, healthy connections come with ups and downs, after all.  I know that letting go of a moment can be really difficult sometimes.  I have had my fair share of cries over leaving a friend who attends college far away and having to leave my long-distance boyfriend.  Letting go is a part of life.  Every day, you let go of what you experienced and prepare for the next day.

Today I meditated upon a recent experience because I felt so sad that it was over.  While I let go of this time, I noticed how my bond with the people I was with has strengthened, and feel excited for the future.

I let myself feel happy in each moment with the people I love, guided by my heart and not my head. That is what being fully present in life is all about.

Do you know where your heart is?




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