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Pink Himalayan Salt – Does it Actually do Anything?

Himalayan Salt Lamp.jpg

One of the most recent crazes I have seen among health and wellness is Himalayan pink salt.  Himalayan pink salt can come in the form of a lamp – with rocks of pink or red hued salt chiseled out and placed onto a lamp that provides light and heat.  When these lamps are lit, they provide a red light and soft glow.  Another way people reap the benefits of this salt is through consumption.  Many people claim that this salt is much more nutrient-dense than normal iodized salt.  You may grind or chisel your own pink salt or purchase a grinder from a health food store.  While the appearance of Himalayan pink salt is very appealing, the health claims of this salt are a little sketchy.  There is little supporting evidence to whether or not the salt releases negative ions or reduces pollutants.  Some of the health claims I have seen are that Himalayan pink salt lamps reduce asthma, boost mood and energy levels. decrease symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and soothe allergies. But can a rock of salt actually cure all of this?

Well, I am not in any position to tell you whether or not Himalayan pink salt would cure all of your health woes.  I am also not a scientist.  But, I have both consumed Himalayan pink salt and use a lamp every night on my bedside table.  Here is my personal experience with Himalayan pink salt:

  1.  Relaxation – The soft, warm glow has helped me relax at the end of a long day.  The glow around my room definitely gives off a spa-like vibe. I am normally someone who needs pitch black darkness to be able to sleep, but I have found that using this lamp has made me fall into a deeper sleep more quickly.
  2. Mood – Aside from feeling more relaxed from the lamp’s light, I have felt happier and less stressed when sleeping and waking.  Call me crazy, but the energy this lamp gives off may be responsible for my positive energy and mood.  Maybe this is due to the negative ions it is releasing into the air?
  3. Skin – I have definitely seen an improvement in my skin and acne since I began using a Himalayan pink salt lamp.  For the past two years, I have made a habit of using a humidifier or essential oil diffuser while I sleep. Especially during the winter months, the air in my home is dry as the heat is pumping throughout it.  My acne had been very bad this time last year, but I have literally never had clearer skin than now.  Keeping a consistent routine while adding this lamp to my routine (and making sure I am putting moisture back into the air) has helped my skin tremendously.

There is no magical cure for everything, but I think that adding a Himalayan pink salt lamp into my daily routine has helped me as I use it in combination with other things.  Hopefully my experience inspires you to try out Himalayan pink salt in one way or another!

And if it doesn’t, hey, you can at least have some pretty sweet mood lighting!

Casey x


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