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Self Care: Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day coming up, what a better way than to show yourself a little self love? Whether you have a significant other or not, there are many ways to celebrate love.  The idea that so many people surround this holiday with trying to show material affirmations of love towards their significant other is great and all, but learning to love yourself is key.  The relationship you have with yourself is actually the most important relationship you will ever be in – before relationships with other people.

As we focus on loved ones, friends, and family it is easy to forget to give ourselves the love we rightly deserve.  First of all, the greatest gift we can give ourselves is time.  Engaging in hobbies or tasks we have been to busy to complete can be very rewarding.  Valentine’s day may be the perfect time to learn how to weave self-care practices into your day.  I would urge anyone to engage in a hobby they’ve been neglecting, begin a new book, meditate.  Set aside time to enrich your mind, body, and heart through things that bring you joy.  The odds are that you deserve to set aside more time for you.

Engaging in self care does not always have to happen alone. Maybe your ideal Valentine’s Day includes more time with others! This is a perfect opportunity to be present in the moment and fully enjoy yourself.  I have found that some of the best experiences I have had with friends and family are when we put our phones away.  This way, we engage in what we are doing and are fully focused on each other.  Doing so always leaves me feeling happy and more connected with loved ones.

Deepen your perspective on love and daily experiences and then live it out every day.  Create an environment of love within yourself and others.  Life is short, why not give yourself the tools you need to be happy?

This Valentine’s Day, I hope you enjoy you!



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