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The Girl Behind Bee Well

“For when the flower blossoms, the bees come uninvited” – Ramakrishna



I am Casey, a college student studying Communication with a concentration in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing and IT. I fell in love with writing and the arts at an early age, as well as technology and the world of health.

As I navigate through college, I hope to find a way to integrate my many interests into a career. Writing and Social Media could potentially be within my future, and I am so excited to enter the blogging world!

Very recently, I have found that self-care must come before everything in order to present my best self now and in the future.  Living well is much more accessible than people think. I hope to help others live positively and showcase the value of your own wellness through Bee Well. This is based around what I am most passionate about through my daily life – both physical and mental wellness. I find happiness in spreading positivity and investing in all aspects of self. My posts will revolve around everything from self-care tips, beauty, lifestyle, and recipes.  And if you are wondering, Bee Well was conjured up from my love for honey and … of course, bees in addition to my dedication towards living a positive lifestyle. Stay tuned for updates and new posts each week!


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